GUTHRIE PET HOSPITAL is the only exclusively small animal veterinarian in town. We are able to take the time and we have the training to not only treat you as a member of the family, but to ensure that your pet receives top level veterinary care. We want to take time with you to make sure that we answer all your questions and educate you on your pet's health. Just like your own medical care, we understand that you want the best and only the best for your pet. Our focus is on that level of care each and every day and it is proven by our AAHA Certification where we met 900 stringent quality standards and a physical inspection of our facility. This explains why we have a 98% survey rating, over 90 excellent public on-line reviews and are trusted by more than 1700 clients.

    We offer competitive pricing for clients living in Edmond and Oklahoma City and are only about 20 minutes from these metro
    areas. It's important to us that you are able to financially afford taking care of your pet so we offer payment plans through Citi
    Health and accept pet insurance to help make pet care affordable for you. Our practice loves technology and that allows us to serve you faster and provide services such as digital dental radiographs where we can detect health problems not visible to the human eye. Our new MLS Laser machine helps to increase healing and decrease pain for many different conditions. that means getting your pet family healthier, quicker!...

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