Over the past 19 years we have excelled at helping pet parents develop better relationships with their canine companions through our private lessons, group classes, special seminars and play groups developed specifically for puppies, adolescents, adult dogs, and small dogs. For those who see the endless benefits of continuing education, our tricks, agility, and special seminar programs are wonderful ways to mentally and physically enrich your dog’s life while at the same time improving the canine/human bond. And, of course, teaching behaviors that are sure to impress friends and neighbors!

    Choosing a responsible and caring caregiver for your dog is an important decision. Safety is our top concern, reliability is a must, and a gentle and caring attitude is a vital part of our team’s approach. We consider ourselves a “boutique” NYC service provider, because of our carefully selected and trained staff, attention to detail and customized service. While dog walking is a way to give your pup a much needed bathroom break, it is also essential to your dog’s emotional health to get outside and explore. It is also an opportunity to have the dog training you have done with us reinforced on a daily basis.

    We only offer private walk and trains, which means no multi-dog walks unless there are two or more dogs in the same household. While socialization is a crucial part to your dog’s life, walking multiple dogs is at odds with individualized attention and, most importantly, safety....

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