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  • 274 County Route 405, Westerlo, Hudson Valley NY, United States of America
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Hudson Valley pet friendly accommodation. We ask our guests what enthralls them the most and it's never just one thing..."It's so charmingly beautiful"..."We feel as though we stepped back in time"..."The beds are divine - I could have slept all day"...One guest threatened to take the bed home on top of of her car. Others can't seem to leave the front porch, while some are captivated by the elegant decor of the mountain lodging.

The inn was built during the 1820's while Isaiah Robbins and his sons lived in a log cabin (what is now the Lillian Suite). The house and the adjacent store were completed in 1830 and became the epicenter of the property procured by Wm. Van Rensselaer in a grant from the East Indies Trading Company and the King of England. This storefront was the mercantile, hardware and supply center for the entire area and later added a post office and gas station for the area. The house was later purchased by the Palmer family in 1911 and remained in that family until Bert and Holly purchased the property in 2010. The house began its swift return to glory that very year.

Each part of the house and cottage has been restored to its former glory. Friends, children, neighbors and of course our contractor, helped us bring the dream into reality. It was a crazy, chaotic time but with their positive attitudes and help we managed to successfully open our doors for business. Notably, when the Palmer family descendants came to see the Inn, finished, they told us the house felt 'Happy'.

Nowadays, mornings here at the Inn begin with gourmet breakfasts served with delicious coffee and fruit plates. Afterwards its off to enjoy the many adventures the Catskills have to offer. Hike the country roads or head to the majestic mountains to climb the passes; fish the some of the finest trout streams in the state. Golf enthusiasts will be thrilled with the number of challenging and beautiful championship courses only minutes from our doorstep!