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Your Dog Is Already Pretty Great, Let’s Make Him Obedient Too. With over 40 years' combined experience, Breedmaster Dog Training not only trains dogs and their humans, evaluates dogs, they have expanded their services! Those meeting a certain criteria can train at Breedmaster Dog Training become a dog trainer. This unique Dog Training Apprenticeship Program is a hands-on learning experience and is offered in Southwest Ranches, Florida.

About us...

In his youth, Larry bred and trained hunting Beagles and Coon Hounds. In the early 80’s he joined the Army to become an MP, working and training the working dogs. He spent six years, walking the DMZ in South Korea, with his K9 partner and helping to take care of a kennel with 125 to 175 dogs. Larry, now living in South Florida, who after witnessing inhumane treatment of dogs before his Army career, made it his life’s mission to improve the dog training industry so that no dog would suffer needlessly. He recognized the need to teach people how to properly, effectively and permanently train their dogs. He also realized that dog owners needed people whom they could trust and rely on to provide dog services, products and information about dogs.

Once Larry perfected his dog training methods and had confirmation that his techniques worked, he, along with his family, vowed to improve the business of dog training. So, he founded Breedmaster Dog Training… where perfection is never an accident!