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If you are looking for photographs of your pup in his flawless show dog pose or your kitty sitting pretty on a stark white studio floor, I can’t help you. My philosophy is different. Together, we will patiently explore the world through your pet’s eyes. Their determination as they race through the surf in pursuit of their tennis ball. The warm lean of their body against yours as you daydream together. The soft pads of their paws, curled up in their favourite spot on your couch.

Out of the happy craziness of our afternoon spent spoiling your pet (treats! toys! places! people!), 25 artistic portraits will emerge. Your heart will burst with pride and joy when you view your photographs at the complimentary Ordering & Design Appointment. Together, we will look through your proofs and I will help you choose the right products, sizes and images to suit your home.

This is where pet photography makes the impossible possible ~ custom artwork that will give you a lifetime with your pet. Time and time again, my clients gush with happy tears in their eyes, “I just can’t believe you managed to capture his personality so beautifully!” The combination of a natural, relaxed approach, award-winning photography and professional tricks like digital leash removal allows me to create images that don’t just show off what your pet looks like ~ I will give you photography that celebrates their soul.