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A boutique pet sitter service - my place or yours
Dog sitting, dog walking, dog training
Dog Grooming - wash and brush
Pet sitting - Cats, Birds, Fish, Turtles, Hamsters ...
Pick up and drop off
Take a break while I look after your pets. I provide a boutique service, for any pets, but especially dog sitting for dogs who don't like kennels. I will be with them almost the whole time so they cannot get lonely or bored. They have a fenced yard to play in and will be allowed inside any time and sleep indoors where I can keep an eye on them.

$25 per night per dog at my home (or yours)
$35 per night during holiday season (eg Australia Day)
$15 daily walk 3 hrs usually arond the Molonglo River Nature Reserve
$15 wash and brush (usually compulsory on first day)
$1 per km pick up and drop off.

Free pro photos of your dogs on holiday, emailed to you. I use a good camera so usually manage to take some great photos.

I am also happy to look after old dogs that need special care and puppies, but no dogs with infectious diseases or parasites thanks.