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  • 46 Bilpin Springs Rd, Bilpin, Blue Mountains NSW 2758, Australia
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Bilpin Country Lodge: The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Retreat in the Blue Mountains

When planning a getaway to the picturesque Blue Mountains in New South Wales, there's no need to leave your furry family behind. Bilpin Country Lodge offers an exceptional pet-friendly experience, making it the ideal destination for pet owners seeking a memorable and stress-free vacation.

Dedicated Pet-Friendly Facilities. Bilpin Country Lodge goes the extra mile to ensure you and your beloved pets have a comfortable stay. With two heated kennels next to the lodge, your dogs will enjoy cozy accommodations, even on chilly winter nights. These kennels are suitable for dogs of all sizes, ensuring that every furry friend is cared for.

Off-Leash Freedom. One of the highlights of staying at Bilpin Country Lodge is allowing your dogs to roam freely on the spacious grounds. The entire lodge area is securely fenced, allowing your pets to explore without the constraint of a leash. It's a pet's paradise, allowing them to stretch their legs and play to their heart's content.

Convenient Pet Dining. At Bilpin Country Lodge, pets are considered part of the family. During mealtimes, your furry companions can join you on the lodge's verandah so you can all dine together. It's a beautiful way to bond and enjoy the fresh mountain air while indulging in delicious meals.

Explore the Blue Mountains Together. Should you wish to explore the stunning Blue Mountains without your pets for a few hours, Bilpin Country Lodge has you covered. They provide a secure day-use dog yard where your pets can safely stay while you venture out to discover the region's natural beauty, hiking trails, and attractions.

Comfort and Convenience. Besides the exceptional pet facilities, Bilpin Country Lodge offers 3.5-4-star accommodations amidst 10 acres of gardens, farms, and bushland. Each room features queen beds, single and/or bunk beds, ensuite bathrooms, and air conditioning.

A Memorable Getaway for Everyone. Bilpin Country Lodge is more than just a pet-friendly accommodation; it's a warm and welcoming haven where you and your pets can create lasting memories together. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure in the Blue Mountains, this lodge ensures that every family member, including the four-legged ones, enjoys a perfect holiday getaway. Don't hesitate to book your stay and experience pet-friendly hospitality.