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  • 135 Thunderbolts Way, Gloucester, Barrington Tops & Gloucester NSW 2422, Australia
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Are you tired of leaving your furry family member behind when you embark on a relaxing getaway? Look no further than The Ridge Gloucester, a luxurious holiday destination amidst the picturesque Barrington and Gloucester River valley. Here, your pets are not just welcome; they are embraced with open arms. Let's explore why pet owners should consider The Ridge Gloucester for their next vacation.

Tranquil Retreat for All: The Ridge Gloucester offers the perfect escape for pet owners seeking solitude. With 100 acres of pristine land, your pets can roam freely, explore the great outdoors, and revel in the fresh country air. Whether you have a cat that enjoys the deck or a dog that loves a good game of fetch, this vast estate ensures every pet feels at home.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation: The Ridge House and The Ridge Eco-Cabins provide secure environments for your pets, ensuring their safety while you enjoy your stay. These accommodations are designed to offer both comfort and convenience for you and your four-legged companions.

Responsibility and Care: The Ridge Gloucester maintains a strict pet policy to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests and animals. This policy includes guidelines for the supervision, cleanliness, and responsible disposal of pet waste. By adhering to these rules, guests help maintain the property's pristine condition.

Adventure Awaits: Take your pets on unforgettable bushwalks to the summit of the Bucketts, where breathtaking views await. Explore the vast property together, encountering wildlife and soaking in the serenity of the Australian countryside.

Peace of Mind: The Ridge Gloucester takes pet safety seriously, offering tips to protect your pets from ticks and wildlife while on the property. Plus, the pet policy ensures that guests and their pets are aware of their responsibilities, minimizing potential issues.

Cherish the Memories: We understand that pets are part of the family at The Ridge Gloucester. Capture beautiful moments of your pet enjoying their vacation, whether lounging on the deck, frolicking in the fields, or cuddling by the fire pit.

The Ridge Gloucester is the ultimate pet-friendly holiday destination, combining luxury, privacy, and a deep appreciation for the bond between humans and their pets. It's a place where you and your furry companions can create cherished memories while surrounded by the natural beauty of the Australian countryside. Book your stay today and embark on a getaway with every family member.