We love our dogs and we love our planet, so we found a better way.
    Feed For Thought smells like a meaty meal and tastes like a meaty meal...

    Feed For Thought is created By Vets and provides a complete and balanced meal for your best friend. It's Australian made, 100% natural and low allergenic. Made with Australian made protein (our grubby little secret) and naturally packed with essential amino and fatty acids. No chemicals. We make more efficient use of our planet’s natural resources and our taste-testers love it!

    If you buy your dog food from a global supplier, like most dog-lovers do, you’ll probably find it’s made with by-products of meat, poultry, and seafood. Animal agriculture is the one of the biggest causes of deforestation globally. In short, the food we feed our furry friends is contributing to a big problem. But dogs need meat, right?
    What your dog actually needs, is protein and essential amino acids, which are most easily balanced in animal meat.
    By replacing traditional meat protein with sustainably-sourced, natural protein, you can nourish your dog, keep them strong, healthy and happy and support our planet’s natural ecosystems.
    The protein in Feed For Thought food comes from insect protein, more specifically, black soldier fly larvae. Too eeew? You may think so, but your dog would disagree!
    Our insect protein is naturally packed with calcium, omegas, zinc and potassium – everything your dog needs to stay strong, healthy and happy.
    It’s deliciously meaty. And way better for the planet.

    So what is so good about insect protein?

    -Insects feast on uneaten human food that would otherwise go to landfill. Less waste, less harmful greenhouse gas.
    -Insect protein is farmed vertically, a process that needs way less land area and less water than traditional farming.
    -They are naturally packed with protein. Black soldier fly larvae has everything your dog needs to stay strong, healthy and happy.

    Nourish your dog, be part of the solution.
    It’s drool-worthy! If your dog doesn’t lick the bowl clean, we’ll refund every cent....

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